Somap has been trading in Ship, Sale and Purchase since 1995. This has been the core business of the company since establishment. Over last 20 years, it has delivered more than 900 ships for ship breaking to countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Somap had the pleasure to work with most of the small to large ship owners and brokers of the industry and enjoys the reputation that is second to none.SOMAP enjoys excellent reputation with its clients - may it be ship owners, ship brokers or ship breakers.

SOMAP has performed in all the transactions it has done even in the buoyant market. Somap International was established in Singapore, and uses a network of various offshore companies for the purchasing of ships. The company started by representing Samsung and then set up its own financing wing. Today, SOMAP has sold over 1200 ships and does business in India, Bangladesh, Turkey, China & all major demo markets.