VividArtsy is a fashion brand for women inspired by the independent and free spirited women of today. With its minimalistic yet bizzare designs it pays tribute to the humble yet ambitious women of contemporary

India. The brand was launched in Jaunary,2017 with a multitude of styles. The brand is striving to be recognized for its casual elegance along with its artistic and innovative designs.

Along the same lines is the denim Jeans brand CottonDuck. CottonDuck caters to both men and women and provides the most affordable yet high quality denims.The brand is soon to be launched with its signature styles and innovative designs to give new meaning to your old blue jeans.

Coco Louelle is a London based luxury clothing brand for women, launched in November 2016. Made with the finest quality and the aim of delivering high end, luxury clothing for those priceless moments in our lives. Despite its recent inception, the brand has seen an amazing response. Not only was it featured in the fourth issue of Fab Uk Magazine, it also featured in London Paris Week and Paris Fashion Week. And to top it all , Alysia Reiner wore a Coco Louelle Dress to the Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party. Coco Louelle is defintely one of Somap’s most promising ventures.