Women are the most mystical and divine creature of god, they undoubtedly need to be adored and admired. Keeping this in mind,, Somap’s E-commerce venture, laid its foundation and designed a website that is a tribute; an ode to the beauty of this divine and enigmatic creation of god called women.

Taking a step further in our obsequences, Planeteves will be donating Rs.10 (US$ 0.16) on every purchase made from our website in the emancipation and liberation of women. This endeavor will be carried out by Saamag Foundation that will be working on the education, health and well-being of women. This foundation will be working with women and organizations from every strata, creed and cast. However, the focus will be on the brave hearts of the country- the widows of the martyr’s, deprived women, assaulted or tormented women, to show the light of new hope and give them a better than the best life. The only aim of this philanthropy will be to make a woman happy, healthy and independent, above all educated. As woman signifies or represents not just one clan but the clans that form the future of our country. Educate a man you educate him. Educate a woman, and you educate a community.

Well-being of the society thereby largely depends on well-being of women. Somap will leave no stone unturned to serve her, fawn her with the facilities that she has rights on, she deserves.