With an inspiring mix of quality and teamwork, SOMAP is all set to meet future challenges by assuming new roles, strengthening existing ones, and making the most of its valuable management resources. With our established relationships, expanded resources, and continued dedication to set the industry standards for excellence in all our endeavors, we are determined to remain a Global Leader. Our industry reputation for quality and excellence has been built and sustained for over 21 years by a team with exceptional vision and business acumen. We have meticulously handpicked a global team of skilled, ambitious and passionate achievers.

With 20 years of experience behind us we have ample knowledge and dexterity to buy any ship anywhere. Whether it is under power or under tow, on a delivered basis or as-is basis, we have the infrastructure and manpower to smoothly carry it to the final destination.

Our defining attributes have been cordial inter-personal relationships with all our brokers, immediate hassle free payments and a 24x7 availability for brokers in need of any assistance. Not a single seller has had anything short of a delightful experience in all our years of service.


Mr. Dinesh Pandey is a man widely recognized for both his leadership, hard work and creativity. Mr. Pandey is a true entrepreneur, building the SOMAP Group after years of corporate experience in industry bigwigs like Samsung.

Mr. Pandey combines his knowledge of the trading, management, construction and real estate industries with insight and intuition, leading to the success of SOMAP. The SOMAP Group was founded in 1996 and built on a solid foundation of values. The SOMAP Group stays true to the things they believe in, and has built their corporation on two broad principles: Care and Commitment.


With more than ten years of trading experience behind him, Mr. Pandey has been a vital part of the SOMAP Group ever since its inception. Mr. Pandey is not only widely traveled, but has also worked around the world with the best of professionals; truly making him the backbone of the company. Mr. Pandey was instrumental in SOMAP’s robust growth, and is also credited with developing a team that is responsive to the ever-changing dynamics of real estate.


Start with a foundation of solid values and stay true to the things you believe in. This relatively simple philosophy has guided Mrs. Pandey through endless cycles of changes in business, economics politics. Today, Mrs. Pandey’s philosophy continues to be the cornerstone of every business, community and philanthropic decision made by the company and its management, of which she is an integral part. In her capacity as head of the Business Development team, she strives to make SOMAP a highly respected real estate company with a diversified portfolio of quality properties and an outstanding reputation for property management and development.